The globalists are now pushing their end game plan for a One World Government in response to the manufactured euro crisis. Described as a "United States of Europe," the scheme "frighteningly parallels plans by top Nazis" who were determined to build a continent-wide economic government, Paul Joseph Watson writes for Prison Planet.com.

British leader David Cameron donned the cape of so-called "Euro-skepticism" in an effort to push the idea of a common European economic union ahead of a manufactured crisis spearheaded by bankster contrived sovereign debt.

In Brussels, bigwig economists – including Nouriel Roubini and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz – and former national leaders argue that the only way out for individual European states is to transfer sovereignty and create a United States of Europe (undoubtedly minus a United States Constitution and Bill of Rights).

"Collectively, they said today's masters of Europe need to swallow national pride and accept new, mutualised 'eurobond' government borrowings, sovereign debt write-downs and a federal future," reports AFP.

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A "fiscal union" is required, writes John Mauldin, because "there is no mechanism or will to provide the EU with enough power to create a semi-federal system of taxation, transfers and spending."

Europe needs a dictator, of sorts, argued outgoing European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet, "a confederal finance minister" who would "impose decisions" on a confederated Europe and override national governments more or less subject to the will of their people.

For instance, German citizens are sick and tired of bailing out eurozone disasters like Greece, and have collectively said "Das geht nicht" to further rescue proposals. A United States of Europe financial "minister" (or dictator) would make their cries irrelevant and unilaterally facilitate the theft of their tax dollars to realize the plans of the elite.

It is nothing short of a resuscitation of the old feudal system that ruled Europe a thousand years ago. Now, instead of the king owning all the land (and natural resources and labor of the serfs), it is owned by the bankers and their transnational corporations. And like the previous system, the new one will control the state and the economy and keep the mass of the population in poverty.

Evidence of the planned implosion abounds, most notably in the transfer of funds from European banks to the "too big to fail" banks located in the United States where the government has forced the people to underwrite any and all bankster loses.

"The move to exploit the debt crisis in order to completely eviscerate the economic sovereignty of every EU member by forming a central economic planning committee, a United States of Europe, to which all countries are beholden, is not merely an act of economic terrorism, it's a chilling throwback to identical proposals that were the brainchild of top Nazis," writes Watson.


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