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Date: 6/16/2012

To: European Court of Human Rights (Council of Europe) 67075 Strasbourg Cedex France

From: Hungaria Freedom Fighter Movement 17202 Jetton Rd Cornelius NC. 28031, USA

Subject: Fratanolo v Hungary


Honorable Nicolas Bratza, President of High Court:


We are compelled to take a stand on behalf of the Hungarian Parliament draft Parliamentary resolution, to not  execute the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights taken in the case of Fratanolo v Hungary. The ECRH stated: “The judgment handed down by the Strasbourg-based court in November, is the second such decision establishing that Hungary had violated the right to freedom of expression protected by the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms by criminalizing the wearing of the red star in public.” , The Hungarian Government is right by not wanting to set a precedent that communist symbolism can be used to accomplish goals. The ECHR is fighting for an immoral cause, when they are defending the RED STAR with HAMMER and SICLE as symbolism of civil liberties. Under the red star there were no civil liberties and it is a very poor excuse to legally defend the symbolism of communism that killed 100 million people in78 years. This is not democracy  even if it is defended by a high court. Perhaps the time has come, that international law should demand all judges should read the BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM before they are allowed to pass judgment on this subject.


The current Hungarian Government is a middle of the road government that is trying to eliminate corruption, embezzlement, bribery, and crimes, that are the legacy of the MSZP formerly MSZMP the COMMUNIST party. Hungary was condemned at the end of world war II., to live under Soviet occupation and communism for 44 years. In 1989 the communist system was transformed to a liberal democracy, which was still ran by the former communist nomenclature, who in 1945 confiscated the national wealth and now took the liberties and privatized it mostly among themselves. This is how the communist became the new Oligarchy and the middle class the new proletariat. During the last ten years the MSZP has economically ruined Hungary and as a result  two third of the population voted them out of office. This was the choice of the people, this is democracy. Now, while the current Hungarian Government is struggling with the red star heritage the ECHR is beating on them.


Over a quarter million Hungarian Freedom Fighters who took part in the 1956 uprising against the RED STAR civil liberties, many still live with their descendents today in the West. There are tens of thousands who died or were executed after the uprising on the behalf of the communist civil liberties, that you are defending.




Respectfully submitted


Louis F. Molnar  President, Hungaria Freedom Fighter Movement.